Everything Can Wait

Photography by Greg Bruce

Our pandemic reminds me of an adage that’s said so matter-of-factly, “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” Well, yeah, Rome took time, obviously. A towering empire isn’t forged with convenience, comfort, or a companion Ikea manual. It’s made under command.

Political rule has had its facelifts, sometimes quite literally, but still, “orders” are how we listen. Listening to orders and following them are poles apart, though.

Instead of pronouncing a new world order, since it’s hard for us to even make wearing masks mandatory, I suggest we just remember that everything can wait.

The scrambling of chess players attempting the four-move checkmate can wait.

Showtime can wait.

Slow Thai at China Chalet (R.I.P) can wait.

Walks in the city can wait.

Space billiards can wait.

Lookbooks can wait.

OD outfits at bars can wait.

Birthday parties can wait.

Finding friends in crowds of strangers can wait.

Eyeing the hippie jawnz of NY’s finest, bald-headed men can wait.

Moma PS1’s Warm Up can wait.

Hordes of moshing, to the tune of Baby Keem chants can wait.

The Benz can wait.

Your nail appointment can wait.

Smiley faces can wait.

Beach signs can wait.

Flowers can wait.

Fake flowers can wait.

It all can wait. Because, again, “Rome wasn’t built in one day.” And although Rome wasn’t easily microwaveable, it was gradually bulldozed by the Bubonic plague over quite some time. Time’s always been our inevitable opposer, it’s just slightly more apparent now.

Let things wait. They’ll be ready.︎