Hey Fam!

Team Epiphany is a family business and togetherness is what inspires us to produce our best-in-class work. The last few weeks have asked of us to take our poly-disciplined and influencer-fueled full-service capabilities and pivot to a new landscape that prioritizes differentiation.

Which is why we’re hyped and proud to publish The Team Epiphany Times—a truly creative expression of just how unique our staff and community are. Knowing that we’ll need to traverse this new landscape together, we partnered with friends and fam to bring the visuals and design of The Team Epiphany Times to life.

All the work you’ll find within these pages was done in-kind. There’s something special in knowing that in times of trouble you can count on a community—a community built over the last 15+ years—to support you. This zine is a product of that support and we hope you enjoy it.

Contact us at info@teamepiphany.com for any further inquiries.