LEtter from the editor

By Coltrane Curtis
Illustration by Fabrizia Posada

(noun | val•ue)

  1. A fair return or equivalent in goods, services, or money for something in goods.
  2. Relative worth, utility, or importance.
  3. To consider or rate highly.

Am I going to get fired?

No, you’re valued.

Everyone who makes up the Team Epiphany family is more than their resume or their apples to apples pairing. Everyone we hire, we look at their overall esteem and connectivity to culture and put them in a space that makes the most of their talents.

Understanding your core skill set and leveraging that.

Identifying that true value that each of us provides to any situation and driving down that lane. All the way to the end of what’s been perhaps the most challenging year we’ve ever faced.

This helps keep everyone hired during times of turmoil.

Still, these have been some trying times. For all of us.

Lots of us have questioned our worth. Lots of us have spent the year figuring out that piece, figuring out what makes them valuable.

So we invest in ourselves—in each one of our employees and collaborators—in order to create a support system we use every day.

My value? It’s difficult to put into writing, but if I had to, I would point toward some of what Team Epiphany’s invested in this year:

Witcha Black Ads.

Dad Talk.

Cooking With Friends.

We invest in projects such as these that are all lead by Team Epiphany fam. We invest in us.

And in these pages, you’ll see and read what our team of writers and artists think of when considering this Issue’s theme: Value.

Coltrane Curtis

Founder / EIC