LEtter from the editor

By Coltrane Curtis
Illustration by
 Hebru Brantley

They say: Pressure bursts pipes.
But pressure also makes diamonds.
I’ve never succumbed to pressure.
I’m actually at my best when others yield to the duress.

This is different. COVID-19 has me scared.
Frightened for the health of my family and friends.
Concerned about its silent impact on the future development of our boys—Ellington and Count.
Worried about the future of my life’s work—our company, Team Epiphany.

After innumerable sleepless nights and countless tearful solo conversations with my father, who passed away almost eight years ago, I pulled it together. I had to. He prepared me for these moments and his legacy demands emphatic resiliency.

You see, my dad was and still is my PERSONAL SUPERHERO. Now is the time for me to summon my inner superhero. I need to support my family with an unspeakable passion like never before. I need to lead our company with compassion and pivot to allow our unique agency’s skillsets to light a path forward.

Team Epiphany Times is an internally-penned and community-illustrated commentary on culture. It is our response to the pressures of the new world we are now forced to navigate.

Thank you to our influencer communities. We move as one.

Thank you to all of our brand partners. We are here for you.

Thank you Team Epiphany family. No agency is more capable.

Thank you Dad. Your superpowers just went public.

I hope you enjoy Team Epiphany Times, Volume 1.

Coltrane Curtis

Founder / EIC