Letter From the Editor

Words by Coltrane Curtis 

I Know This Song it Ain't Never Gonna End

Words by Courtney Preiss

Our Cozy Quarantine Is the Death of Sweats

Words by Greg Bruce

Cozy Is as Cozy Does During Quarantine

Words by Frankie Caracciolo

Quarantine Is Lit: Time Enough at Last

Words by Courtney Preiss

Staying Social with Quarantine Cocktails

Words by Heidi Chung

Looking Back to Move Forward: Archiving & Collecting from Elders

Words by Janelle Wallace

The Redux of the American Mall

Words by Frankie Caracciolo

The Quarantine Generation: Baptized by the internet 

Words by Miles DeSouza

The Olds Are Fully Online Now

Words by James Novick-Smith

Toosie Slide if You Want: Homes As Sanctuaries

Words by Christa Tarnoviski



Coltrane Curtis

Managing Editor

Frankie Caracciolo

Creative Director

Jeffrey Weber

Art Direction & Design

Beau Murphy


Writers: Christa Tarnoviski, Coltrane Curtis, Courtney Preiss, Frankie Caracciolo, Greg Bruce, Heidi Chung, James Novick-Smith, Janelle Wallace & Miles DeSouza

Illustrators: Anthony Ikediubal, Bernard Rollins, Danielle Vogl, David Park, Doug Aldrich, Dustin O. Canalin, Emily Edson, Hebru Brantley, Jeremy Davis Smith, Joshua Vides, Liza Hale Doyle, Naturel PEL, Sam Rodriguez, Sidney Howard & Tiffany Alfonseca

Special Thanks

Lisa Chu (for greenlighting this project), Shawn Francis & Jarrett Cobbs




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